Maintenance Request

Bed broke? Something clogged? 

Send us your maintenance request via this form. Our response standard: 24 hours initial response, and we aim to get everything back up to snuff within 48 hours. (Sending a photo and/or video of your maintenance item to can help accelerate our response.)

For emergency maintenance requests (flood? smell gas? fire? security issues?) outside of business hours call our Emergency Hotline directly.

If you are an AUP or Sciences Po semester or full-year student, please go here to log your maintenance request.

For non-maintenance issues and general comments (compliments accepted!), you can reach us at



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For internet maintenance requests, please make sure you provide us with the following information to speed up the resolution of your internet issue: 1) The color of the livebox you have (white or black). 2) If the "i" is green/red/blinking or if any other lights are green/red/out and whether or not they are blinking. 3) If there is a message on the information screen.
Please check below if your maintenance issue has been resolved and no longer requires attention.