Spring 2019 Housing Preferences Survey

Welcome to Comforts of Home in Paris!

We’d like to collect a little bit of information to help us place you in an apartment this spring. Your answers don’t guarantee that you’ll be with others who are just like you, but they help us get a feel for how you’d like to live. This helps us figure out how to match you up.

Questions? Send us an email: paris.housing@get-comfortable.com.

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Please tell us about which of the following options best characterize you. We do our best to match characteristics, but there are many factors that go into determining with whom you'll be paired.
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All Comforts of Home apartments are non-smoking ONLY. This question refers only to general habits.
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Please list all proposed apartment-mates and roommates below, one per line. (Shared housing requests must be mutual in order to be valid. We will attempt to satisfy student requests, but we can't guarantee that all preferences will be met.)
Please let us know if there's anything else we should take into account. While we can't satisfy all requests, we'll certainly do our best!