Benefit from an “Easy Landing” from Comforts of Home

Comforts of Home’s Easy Landing welcome package will make your transition into Parisian life effortless. Why spend time figuring out paperwork and transportation when you could be out exploring your new home? We’ll take care of it for you!

What’s included?

Individual airport pickup.
A driver from the company Le Cab will be waiting for you by name at the airport to help you with your bags. Enjoy a smooth ride straight to COH’s office for your personalized check-in. Every car in Le Cab’s fleet is equipped with an iPad with an English-language display, so you can send an email to friends and family at home to let them know you’ve arrived safely.


We’ll take you to your apartment.
After you’ve finished checking in at COH’s office and have your keys in hand, a driver from Le Cab will take you directly to your new home.

On-site bank account opening.
Opening an account in France is a more complex process than in many other countries. We’ll pre-open your French account before you get to Paris, and we'll help you make an appointment so you can finish the process in the first days following your arrival. Our banking partner will even make a cash deposit in your account to welcome you as a client!

Pre-paid SIM card.
Get connected as soon as you arrive. During check-in at our offices, we’ll provide you with a pre-paid SIM card, so you can call and text in France right away. If you choose, you can later convert this SIM to a monthly plan through our partner provider. Remember to have your phone unlocked before coming to France.

CAF (Housing Subsidy) Workshop.
Student who stay in France for at least a semester, including foreign students, may apply for government housing subsidies via the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF). All students who opt for our Easy Landing package will benefit from an on-site workshop where we’ll walk you through each step of the paperwork. Please note: The CAF is a French government agency that is unaffiliated with Comforts of Home. Comforts of Home cannot guarantee application approval or the amount of subsidies received from the CAF.

Getting around Paris.
We’ll provide you with a carnet of 10 metro tickets to get you started getting around Paris. We'll also provide you with a basic "Navigo découverte" card that you can activate on a weekly or monthly basis. We'll explain the different options for extending your pass for the rest of your stay and can help walk you through the process.

Velib logo.png

Having a Navigo Pass also allows you to sign up for the Vélib bikeshare system. Paris’s Vélib is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get around the city. During check-in, we’ll provide you with information on how to sign up. The cost for a full year is just 29 euros for an unlimited number of rides of up to 30 minutes each. COH recommends you wear a helmet when riding a Vélib or any other bicycle in Paris!

COH "Ultimate Paris Essentials" Welcome Tote. This is your first-week Parisian survival kit from COH. We'll provide you with the things you need to feel perfectly comfortable in your apartment right from the get-go: our favorite French food items, basic household items, and toiletries so you can take a nice, hot shower and relax as soon as you get to your new home! We’ll also throw in a universal adapter so you can charge your computer and phone and get online right away. All of this will be waiting for you in a reusable shopping bag you can use all semester each time you go to the grocery store or the market (all shops in France charge for plastic and paper bags, so it's better to bring your own!).