Comforts Card - Exclusive discounts all around Paris!

One of the many perks of staying with Comforts of Home is our Comforts Card. All COH residents benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers at dozens of businesses all around Paris. These special deals get you much more than an ordinary student ID! 

We've sourced addresses from all around the city so you can live like a local (but spend a little less money) as soon as you land.

So what exactly does the Comforts Card get you? Take a look!

Food and Beverage

  • Bagelstein. 10% off "menu de ouf" and "mega de ouf" between 17h and 21h. 44 avenue Bosquet 75007.
  • Le Beaufour. Specialty burger restaurant. “Menu midi” (with either a Le Beaufour burger or cheese burger) for 9.90€; 25% discount all day on your total, except for set menus, special promotions, and alcoholic beverages. 5 rue Violet 75015.
  • Bedford Diner. 20% off entire menu from 17h to 19h Monday through Friday and 10% off entire menu the rest of the time! 32 quai d'Austerlitz 75005 (Wanderlust) / 3 rue du Bourg-Tibourg 75004 / 12 rue du Champs de Mars 75007.
  • Bert’s Café Contemporain. Fast casual restaurant. Get a free hot beverage (Café Nespresso, Angelina tea or hot chocolate. Double espresso excluded) with a purchase of 10€ or more. 4 avenue du Président Wilson 75008.
  • Bleu Olive. 10% off all coffees (expresso, latté, cappuccino, etc.). 184 rue de Grenelle 75007.
  • Breakfast in America. 10% off the entire menu with Comforts Card on hand. 17 rue des Ecoles 75005 / 4 rue Malher 75004 / 41 rue des Jeûneurs 75002